Some of these behind-the-scenes videos should tone down the exclusion a bit. Sure, showcasing the marquee talent always works, but where's the exposure for the voice actors providing the "ARGH" noises?

Video Blips:

• Familiarize yourself with Mass Effect 3's cast of voice talent beyond Shepard's go-to social action of punching their characters in the mouth. Such an enriched science-fiction setting screams for the talents of Patrick Stewart, but Martin Sheen already fills the "men who don't age" slot.

Continue after the break for the jetpacks and jutting walls of Hybrid, the burden of managing lazy royalty in Crusader Kings 2, and trouble down at the docks in Shank 2.


• The Paladin and Variant factions in Hybrid both believe hanging from the ceiling like monkeys brings victory. I suppose gravity takes a backseat to mashing yourself against pieces of wall regardless of orientation.

• This Crusader Kings 2 trailer pays tribute to the timelessness of the bed- and couch-potato. If the criteria for royalty only involves flailing for half-expired food and rummaging through mail, then I've been king since age five.

• Even hardened sailors and dockworkers are soft enough for the knives of Shank 2. News coverage would have a field day with reports entitled "Bully bludgeons bandits with fish."