Popular social networking management service HootSuite announced Wednesday it has added support for more social apps and opened its Engagement API.

Digg, Trendspottr, and InboxQ have joined the HootSuite App Directory; a collection of apps and social media sites that you can manage with HootSuite. Each app has a unique set of features that you can access with HootSuite’s dashboard.

Those who use Digg, a community that shares new stories and videos from all over the web, can use Hootsuite to view current top stories, “digg” stories, and share content.

Trendspottr tracks topics, hashtags, and phrases that are trending on social networks and news sites. Now Trendspottr users can keep on top of trending topics, search for popular content, and share videos and stories in the Hootsuite dashboard.

Lastly, InboxQ tracks questions that are asked on Twitter about businesses or general topics. With Hootsuite, those who use InboxQ can find questions asked on Twitter about their business and respond to them directly.

The company also announced integration with click.to, an extension used to share information on social networks rapidly and efficiently. You can now share content directly to HootSuite from click.to, no copy and paste required.

The final announcement HootSuite made Wednesday was that its Engagement API is now open. Developers can use the API to connect more services to Hootsuite (Google+ anyone?). The company will be releasing more details on how to access the API in the coming days.