AppstoreThe latest top executive to land at Apple is former head of Xbox Live marketing Robin Burrowes, who joined the company earlier this month.

Burrowes is Apple’s new head of App Store Marketing for iTunes Europe. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft for seven years, leading  product, business, and marketing management of Xbox Live across the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. And as MVC notes, Burrowes was one of the main people promoting Microsoft’s recent Xbox dashboard update, which brought more social integration and premium content to the Xbox platform.

Burrowes isn’t the only top gaming executive that Apple has poached in the past year. The company also hired former Nintendo PR boss Robert Saunders to head up promotion on iOS apps. Additionally, Apple pulled in Nick Grange, who previously worked for Activision, EA, and Microsoft, to focus on promoting the company’s hardware business.

Clearly Apple realizes the value of stacking its executive team with people who have an intimate knowledge of the gaming industry. Over the past few years, Apple has slowly gained popularity in the mobile gaming space. With the new hires, it seems likely Apple will continue growing its gaming presence.