Mosoro, a startup that makes Bluetooth hardware with complimentary smartphone apps, has raised $1.5 million in its first round of funding.

Mosoro creates “appcessories,” or Bluetooth devices with dedicated companion apps for iOS and Android. The company has made two Bluetooth devices so far, 3-D Sport and Weather, and has two more in the works, Talk, and Bonsai. They all connect with smartphone apps to record motion, report weather conditions, play audio, stream video, and much more.

“We currently have apps in toys and entertainment, sports and business, and outdoor recreation. We’re also planning on expanding into other markets in the near future,” said chief executive Mike Stemple in a interview with VentureBeat.

Each device has several different sensors that record and relay information. For example, 3-D Sport is a lightweight device that can be tacked onto your golf club to record your swing and send data straight to your phone. Bonsai is a WiFi access point the size of a deck of cards with an embedded media server. It can stream video, audio, and applications directly to any WiFi enabled device.

Mosoro intends on using their new financing to expand merchandise development into multiple verticals, targeting products at the everyday consumer, rather than only gadget geeks.

Stemple is the founder of more than a dozen other startups including nReach, Skinit, and Original Wraps. Colorado-based Mosoro currently has five team members, but is planning on expanding dramatically in the coming weeks. This latest round of financing was led by Mike Beaudoin and Rodney Rice of in addition to High Country Venture and Tango.