Jay-ZSubscribers of Apple’s iTunes Match service are reporting that explicit songs in their library are getting swapped out for the censored “clean” versions.

iTunes Match, which Apple launched in November, is a music service that gives legal access to any songs currently in your iTunes music library. For $25 a year, subscribers can download their songs from Appleā€™s cloud to any device running the iOS 5 mobile operating system, such as iPhones and iPads. But due to a glitch in the iTunes Match programming, users can only download the non-explicit version of their songs.

Various tracks from Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Ice Cube have been confirmed as unintentionally “clean”, according to Cult of Mac. We’re reaching out to Apple for comment and will update the post with any new information.

My guess is that this particular glitch is likely to affect people with large collections of rap music the most, while everyone else will only be slightly annoyed. Still, the clean song bug underlines the fact that Apple’s iTunes Match iCloud service is most definitely not a true cloud storage solution.

If your music library has become child-friendly due to iTunes Match, let us know in the comment section.