Telemarketing is a dirty business, but someone’s gotta do it — because somehow, it’s still profitable.

Also profitable is selling software to telemarketers that allows them to track the calls they make, the responses they get (or don’t get) from consumers, and the next follow-up actions they need to take to close a sale or get a meeting.

The Leads360 team has just closed a significant funding round for building exactly that kind of software.

It’s not a lead-gen company; rather, it makes tools that help telemarketers manage and convert the leads they get elsewhere. And it’s not a CRM product, either; its software is specifically for those tricky prospects who haven’t yet been converted into customers.

The company’s cash infusion of $15 million today will allow it to keep creating and selling that software to telemarketers and other salespeople in verticals like insurance sales, for-profit universities, mortgages and other loan products, and more.

Leads360 says its software is all about marketing automation combined with telephony. The company tells us it currently has more than 40 million prospects (potential customers) being managed by its software for more than 2,000 clients, some of them among the Fortune 1,000.

The most recent round of funding, which a team member describes as “validating,” comes from Boston-based Volition Capital with participation from existing investor Rustic Canyon Partners, a San Francisco VC firm.

As expected, the marketing startup will use the new funding to expand its software products and features, to gain new clients and other partners, and to grow its own sales and marketing efforts for the Leads360 software.

“The new funding validates Leads360’s vision for a combined sales and telephony software platform focused entirely on companies that sell to consumers,” said Leads360 chief executive Nick Hedges in a release today.

Image courtesy of Diego Cervo, Shutterstock