Hi there.

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My name is Corey. Corey Motley. Yes, like the Mötley Crüe — not that many people pick up on that anymore.

I’ve been writing on Bitmob since June of 2011, but my personal blog goes a little further back than that.

I’m 23, and I'm a recent graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri (or MU or Mizzou, as we’re better known) — the same program that gave the games writing community Greg Miller of IGN and Ryan Geddes, formerly of IGN.

Just like everyone else and their mother, I’d like to be a professional games journalist, but seeing as it's somewhat statistically more likely that I'd become a professional football player or rockstar in the U.S. than make it as a full-time games journalist, I’m keeping many other writing/editing options in mind.

As a writer, I tend to write too much on a subject. My blogs are often long. For instance, when I started writing about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the draft got so long that I ended up turning it into six separate posts. Yikes.

As a critic, I’m generally hard on games. I don’t do it to be pretentious. I don’t dislike games everyone else loves for the sake of it — that’s just stupid. I generally agree on a consensus of gamers on some cult classics, but not all.

With no qualifications and in no order, here is a list of some of my favorite games of all time:

Silent Hill 2

Mirror’s Edge

Perfect Dark

Resident Evil 2

Fallout 3

Metal Gear Solid 4

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Hitman: Contracts

Hitman: Blood Money

Heavy Rain

Resident Evil 5


Those aren't all of them, just the ones I immediately think of.


Let's get out of the video game world for a bit and I'll tell you about  some other stuff.


For instance, here’s something I got into last year:


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Parkour, freerunning, whatever you want to call it — I do it.

And no, I don’t jump off of buildings, and I can’t do a million flips in a row. Parkour is rooted in progression, and you have to start somewhere smaller than that. All the pros you see in YouTube videos have been training for many years. I haven’t yet.


Let's get back to the pictures. It's what you all want, right? More pictures?


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I've only been into parkour for about a year, but it's one of my favorite activites. Also, being the introvert I usually am, I rarely mention it to people unless the situation calls for it. I'm not one to shake someone's hand and spill my guts immediatlely. I'm more of a quiet listener, and I wait to insert my thoughts and opinions, like knives, at the right moments.

I'm losing steam on what else to write about myself. I threw open the gates with parkour, and now I have nothing left to show for myself. What a shame.

I'm a musical person, too. I played in Mizzou's marching band for three of my four years there, as a cymbal player in the drumline. I can also play drumset. I was in show choir in high school, and I always competed in district and/or state (if I qualified) solos and ensembles festivals for vocals and instruments.

I tweet a lot, so you can follow me there if you're into that kind of thing.


So that's that. I hope you enjoyed my entry in the Meet the Mob franchise.

Until next time…


Opening photo by Taylor Glascock. Parkour photos by Daniel Longar and Paul Mossine and Haleigh Castino.