I'm always saddened when I reach the conclusion of an epic trilogy — partly because of all the amazing memories I'm left with, and partly in fear of terrible spinoffs due to overambitious publishers.

News Blips:

Mass Effect 3BioWare believes Mass Effect 3's ending runs the emotional gamut and leaves no Reaper unconquered. "It's going to make some people extremely happy," BioWare Producer Mike Gamble told Eurogamer. "It's going to make some people angry. You'll get answers to everything. That was one of the key things: Regardless of how we did everything, we had to say, 'Yes, we're going to provide some answers to these people.'" I'm fully confident BioWare knows its strengths when crafting an epic finale — especially after the player participates in critical decision-making along the way.

An Oklahoma state representative wants a 1 percent tax on games carrying a Teen, Mature, or Adults Only rating. Possessing the double distinction of not believing Bully is a real game and a hilariously coincidental surname, Representative Will Fourkiller introduced House Bill 2696 to the state's legislature asking for an additional tax on violent games. According to the bill, the extra cash would get distributed to Oklahoma's Childhood Outdoor Education Revolving Fund and the Bullying Prevention Revolving Fund. Finally, those bloodthirsty Guitar Hero (rated Teen) players get what's coming to them right where it matters: the wallet. [KFOR]

Naughty Dog's upcoming survival horror The Last of Us arrives late 2012 to early 2013. Game Informer's latest cover reveal elaborated the title's previously unknown release date alongside new screenshots of protagonists Ellie and Joel. Judging by the media content, it almost looks like this game narrowly missed getting called "My Trip to the Inner City: The Game."

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