The fix for broken voice communications on the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield 3 has finally arrived today. Developer DICE has taken a staggering 104 days to get the voice chat working properly, and it is a welcome, if somewhat overdue, development for the multi-million selling game.

Battlefield 3 launched in Oct 2011, and voice chat for most PS3 users has been consistently choppy and unusable, until now. With over 4 million PS3 copies of the game having been sold worldwide, this issue has affected a lot of gamers, who will be pleased to now see it resolved.

Patching games after release has become standard practice for developers in recent years, but this is not always of benefit to the gaming community. Often games appear to be rushed out to meet release dates, while still containing potentially game-breaking bugs and glitches. In the case of BF3, many players feel that DICE and publisher Electronic Arts pushed the game out too early, in an attempt to better compete with rival first person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

I can personally testify that the 11MB patch, v1.03, has cleared up the voice chat issues with the game. This has also been confirmed by various players who have posted on the EA forums. Both squad and team chat now seem to be working well.

There are other gameplay balancing issues that are expected to be addressed by DICE this month, but the patch released today seems to only be a voice chat fix.