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You know, it really has been too long since a decent mech game came out. I'm genuinely surprised that "giant robots shooting everything" hasn't been more fully explored this generation – until now.

Hawken is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer mech shooter developed by indie startup Adhesive Games. After 18 months of work, Adhesive announced that Hawken will see release on December 12th (12/12/12) as a free to play browser-based game. Dont' let the browser-based nature fool you though, Hawken is beautiful. Just take a look at the promotional trailer I have included above, which has already gathered more than a million views.
Adhesive was inspired to go free to play after League of Legends showed them what the model is capable of. League of Legends is currently the most popular online game in numbers, having eclipsed reigning champ World of Warcraft a few months ago.
Like League of Legends, it will be free to log in to Hawken and battle against other players. Dedicated fabs then have the option of spending real money on upgrades for their mech.
If you want to give Hawken a shot before launch, you can sign up for the beta right here.