Not content with dominating the mobile gaming market, Angry Birds is winging its way to Facebook on Valentine’s Day. Developer Rovio has today revealed some of the features that this Facebook app will be boasting, including brand-new power-ups and exclusive levels.

Angry Birds has been downloaded over 700 million times since its launch in December 2009. The phenomenal success of the game has seen it released across a wide variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, Google Chrome, Google+, and PlayStation 3. In order to keep the franchise feeling fresh, though, new ideas need to come forth, especially when reaching out to a potential Facebook audience numbering over 800 million.

The social element of Facebook is at the forefront of Rovio’s thoughts. The Facebook app will allow users to compete with friends, brag about high scores, and give gifts containing power-ups. Rovio is also promising Facebook-exclusive levels for the game.

New power-ups in Angry Birds Facebook will include a Silent Scope laser target, super-sizing Super Seeds, and a defense-shattering Birdquake. These power-ups will be available to purchase in-game, as Rovio looks to monetize its franchise across the global Facebook market.

Targeting emerging economies is high on Rovio’s agenda this year, and Facebook seems an ideal way to achieve this goal. Indonesia and India have the largest populations of Facebook users outside the U.S., and the Angry Birds Facebook launch is geared accordingly. Local launch activities are set to take place in Jakarta, Bangkok, and Mumbai on February 14.

Angry Birds looks set to enhance its worldwide presence even further this year, with this growth across the Facebook community. As it does so, Rovio chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka’s dream of building an “integrated entertainment franchise,” akin to Disney, looks to be getting one step closer.