Above: Blue Ivy Carter

It’s an empire state of mind. The world’s most famous musical couple has turned to New York’s Tumblr as the blogging platform of choice for showcasing the first photos of their new baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.

Tumblr, founded by Manhattan’s David Karp, has defined itself as the best service for bloggers who want to showcase their creativity, especially through photos.

On their Tumblr, Jay-Z and Beyonce are clearly trying to nip the paparazzi in the bud. “Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives,” reads the header.

The couple had been encouraged by other celebs to sell the first photos of their baby, a move which earned Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a reported $14 million.

It’s the second time the couple has decided to strike out on their own with a digital homage to their daughter. Shortly after Blue Ivy was born the couple released Glory, which used a sample of the infant crying in the background. It made her the youngest person ever to hit the Billboard charts.

While other Tumblr users can follow Blue Ivy’s blog, the site’s standard options to “like” or “reblog” the posts have been removed, meaning there will be less chance for the masses to take the photos out of context or trolls to leave nasty comments.