If you’ve ever wanted to know how good a shot you are — without firing a real gun — the folks at the History Channel (now known just as History) have a Facebook game for you. Today, History is launching the Facebook game Top Shot, where players get a taste for a fast-paced target-shooting game.

This shows that transmedia properties, where an entertainment property is available on multiple media, are coming to life. History is launching the Facebook game to correspond with the season premiere of the television show today.

In the game, developed by San Francisco’s Fifth Column Games, players can try out various guns and engage in target-shooting mayhem. Top Shot players will be able to try out weapons from all eras of human history. In the Daily Contest, single players can use guns such as a Gatling gun, a cannon, or an anti-tank gun to test their skill at aiming. They can win rewards that unlock bonuses. Players can then rise through a challenge ladder, facing off against contestants from the TV show, earning virtual money, weapons and titles.

Players will be able to see their most explosive shots replayed in slow motion. They can share the video playback of the shots with friends. If the game is good, it has an audience waiting for it. History’s Facebook page for Top Shot has nearly 400,000 fans.

History is a property of A+E Networks, which has 20 million unique visitors per month across various properties including Lifetime, Bio, Lifetime Moms and Roiworld. Also from A+E games on Facebook: PawnStars, based on the pawn shop reality TV show.