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If you want to send a nerdy Valentine’s Day e-card with cool HTML5 effects and a porny soundtrack, have we got a treat for you.

This morning, Microsoft is showing off Love Is in the Air, a browser demo intended to show off the latest, shiniest HTML5 toys available to the modern browser.

“This experience brings together hardware-accelerated HTML5 canvas, SVG, CSS transforms & transitions, WOFF, audio, and more,” wrote IE group program manager Rob Mauceri today on the company blog.

“On Windows Developer Preview with support for multi-touch in IE10, you can reach out and swipe to reveal a special message of love, or just use your mouse. If you think your browser can keep up, turn up the volume to 1000 floating hearts.”

Microsoft particularly recommends using IE9 or IE10 with built-in hardware acceleration for this demo, although we had a fine time playing with the page in Chrome, as well.

As the web rolls on and newer, cooler apps (including Facebook’s Timeline) ditch support for older Internet Explorer versions, IE is upping the ante by implementing automatic updates to the software.

And, as we stated about a year ago, Internet Explorer isn’t as bad as its reputation. In fact, our own Devindra Hardawar said IE 9 was the best browsing experience Microsoft had provided to date and a “major departure” from past versions.

Currently, Internet Explorer is the number-one browser in the world, claiming 40 percent of the global market.