Zynga announced its first-ever quarterly reported as a public company today. Here are the relevant numbers:

Q4 GAAP net loss: $435.0 million loss vs. $42.9 million profit a year ago.

Q4 GAAP revenue $311.2M vs. $195.8M a year ago.

Q4 non-GAAP net income: $37.1M vs. $63.1M a year ago. (Big difference due to $510M Q4 expense related to stock compensation for employees due to IPO).

Q4 non-GAAP earnings per share: 5 cents vs. year-ago 9 cents (3 cents expected)
Q4 bookings: $306.5M vs. $243.5M a year ago.

Daily active users: 54M up 13 percent from 48M a year ago.
Monthly active users: 240M, up 23 percent from 195M a year ago.

Monthly unique users: 153M, up 38 percent from 111M a year ago.

Average daily books per average DAU: 0.061, up 11 percent from 0.055 a year ago.

Monthly unique payers: 2.9M, up 13 percent from 2.6M a year ago.
Games released in 2011: 12, including 4 on web and 8 on mobile.

Full year outlook for 2012 bookings: $1.35B to $1.45B

Full year expected adjusted EBITDA (earnings before income tax, depreciation, and amortization): $390M to $440M

EPS projections for full year: 24 cents to 28 cents a share.

Mobile DAU: 15M

Ad revenue: tripled in 2011.

Payer base in 2011: 12.2M