Dropbox Automator, a cloud-based service that will process files for you when you add them to your Dropbox account, just got updated with new features.

Dropbox has become a very popular place to store files off your hard drive for safe keeping. Dropbox Automator takes the file storage service one step further by letting you assign “actions” to the files you place in Dropbox. Actions are the tasks you ask Dropbox Automator to do when you upload a certain type of file. If you are familiar with IFTTT, a service that creates tasks based on your Internet habits, you’ll recognize that Dropbox Automator does the same thing.

The most popular actions include converting documents to PDFs, uploading pictures to Facebook, compressing files, resizing images, or emailing a file. The service, which is free and lives in the cloud, is meant to save you precious time usually wasted converting documents and uploading them all over the web.

The updates bring faster processing speed and stability, limited access to your Dropbox files to enhance security, and support for uploads to Google Docs, Picasa, and Google+. You can upload an unlimited number of photos directly to Picasa and Google+ with the update. You can now convert documents to PDF and send them to your Kindle to read later. The ability to automatically upload files to Box, another file sharing service, was also added.

DropBox Automator was released in December 2011 and took off quickly, reaching 10,000 registered users in three days, according to the company.