Here are some of the stories that ran on GamesBeat this week. We’re running more articles exclusively in the GamesBeat section of VentureBeat, particularly when they’re mainly of interest to our game readers. The broader-interest posts will continue to run on VentureBeat as well. Please visit the GamesBeat section to catch up on the latest game news. We’re ramping up our game coverage, so you’ll find a larger amount of deeper news at GamesBeat.

Don’t miss Sebastian Haley’s video interview with comedian Jay Mohr (pictured above) from the DICE Summit. We’ve also published a number of reviews on Twisted Metal and some of the first PlayStation Vita games.

Here are the best stories that appeared exclusively on GamesBeat this week:

Modern Warfare 3 goes free-to-play for a limited time

NAVGTR announces nominees for 2012 game awards

Thanks to $1.8 million in crowd-funding, Double Fine Adventure is heading to five platforms

Super Stardust Delta: Disable the gimmicks and enjoy the ride (review)

FIFA Soccer will make you love and hate your PS Vita (review)

Lumines Electronic Symphony is the most enjoyable epileptic seizure you’ll ever have (review)

With Valentines over, it’s time to move on to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′s latest map

Twisted Metal is the poster child for the used-games market (review)

Bethesda: Over 2 million Skyrim mods downloaded in one week

History Channel launches Top Shot Facebook game to coincide with TV show premiere

Eat Sleep Play: “Sometimes you have to give them what they don’t know they want”

Opinions, tears, and expletives: David Jaffe explains why games shouldn’t have stories

Jay Mohr: “Ted Price tried to buy my wife” (video interview)

New details and Outland screens from “World of Warcraft within Minecraft” project (exclusive interview)

The DICE Summit in pictures (photo gallery)

And here are some of our big stories of the week:

The DeanBeat: Crowd-funding gives hope to mid-size game developers

Kabam looks beyond Facebook for its growth in hardcore social games (exclusive)

Looking beyond Facebook, Zynga hits 15M daily mobile game users

Zynga teams up with Slingo to publish Bingo-slot-machine hybrid game on Facebook

Prince of Persia creator returns to games with remake of Karateka

Zynga’s hybrid zCloud lets it get rid of two out of every three servers

Making Fun joins the hidden-object game fray on Facebook with Hidden Haunts (exclusive)

Why Sony’s Shu Yoshida thinks the PlayStation Vita will kill it in the U.S. compared to Japan (interview)

Activision’s Eric Hirshberg: Turning games into brands and other non-douche moves (exclusive interview)