You know how app developers are always talking about Apple’s mysterious and allegedly thorough iTunes app approval process? Apparently it can’t be too restrictive considering the company just allowed a trio of apps onto the App Store that blatantly infringe on three big-name brands.

Daniel Burford, operating under the company name “Home of Anime” is currently selling Pokémon Yellow, Digimon+, and YuGiOh+. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? I’m fairly certain Nintendo, Bandai, and Konami have….

The Pokémon app description includes the following “press quotes”:
  • “Fantastic and addictive gameplay. Six stars.” 5/5
  • “Just like the original. Only better because you can play it on the most intuitive device ever – the iPhone.” 5/5
  • “Hundreds of hours of gameplay, fun and collecting all Pokémon. Great app from Home of Anime.”

Thanks unnamed media outlets! Why not just attribute them all to IGN? No one would doubt it.

Despite the rave reviews the app has already somehow received, the customer reviews are not quite so positive:

  • I want my money back if I don’t get it I’m going to sue the person who made this application this just a rip off lying to us of what it contains!!!!!!! (faustino angel)
  • Shoulda read the bottom comments before purchasing, this is a scam. Crashes after main screen (Chewybaka 0508)

Currently there are roughly 600 reviews averaging 1.5 stars for the Pokémon app. Pokémon Yellow was released for the Game Boy in 1998. Note also that the screenshot (below) used on the App Store is from a more recent Pokémon game, not Pokémon Yellow, though none of this matters since the app only loads the title screen before crashing (confirmed).

I half expect Zynga to take this as a sign that “Pokémon with Friends” is something they should try getting away with.