So I've honestly been MIA from bitmob and the whole blogging scene for MONTHS.  It's been way too long since I've gamed online with anyone or written anything worthwhile.  It's just crazy.  I apologize.  I've been busy with so much.  Gaming in Public is starting to take off and that is taking up a bunch of my time.  Any one in the DC Metro area should check it out!  As soon as we can (when we have the money) we are opening up a gaming space where we will hold indie events and promote indie games.  It will also be a place for Game Art and gaming nights.

I don't even get to play to many games online with anyone.  All of my game nights have been devoted to Gaming in Public and doing research on developers for events.  So, again, sorry I'm MIA almost all the time, but I really do love you all! haha 

We have an event coming up for Party of Sin in Alexandria, VA on the 25th.  Doors open at 7pm. 

here are the details–

don't let the numbers fool you though– we actually have more people coming than are actually signed up.  People are just lazy and won't sign up for haha

You could even win some cash money by showing off your bullet hell skills!!!

please come and support indie games!

I am happy to say that we've made it to Crankshaft Games' first goal of $8,000 on kickstarter!!!!  If we can get to $15,000 then they will be able to get their game onto PSN/XBLA.  Please come to the event if you are in the area!  I'll love you forever!

If you would like to donate, but cannot make it to the event– please check out this page