Above: Benjamin Button via Pinterest (of course)

One of the special powers that comes with being the hottest startup in the blogosphere is an anti-aging ability that makes your company younger each day. Now that Pinterest is the tech community’s new darling, the company now falls into this category.

According to data from CrunchBase, Pinterest was founded in 2008. If you go by founder Ben Silbermann’s LinkedIn profile, the site was founded in 2009. The normally very precise Bloomberg pegs the site’s founding as 2010. And according to the most recent press from this weekend, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing sites in history. Launched just six months ago, it now has almost 10 million users. Incredible!

There is an explanation for why Pinterest flew below the radar for so long. According to The Daily Dot, the site began as a private project in 2008, when Silbermann left Google. In a speech to design bloggers, he talked about the difficulty of creating something new at a time when the economy seemed to be falling apart.

The site became an official company in 2009, but didn’t launch to the public right away. When it did launch in March of 2010, it was a closed, invite-only beta. And even today the site remains invite only, although it has eased the process significantly as it grows the size of its user base.

If Pinterest continues to age in reverse at its current rate, the site will be back to an idea on a napkin in less than three months, so we recommend you try and join as soon as possible before the service is swallowed up in a wormhole of hype that disrupts the space-time continuum.