Microsoft has gone after Google before in ads attacking its search and Gmail products, but today the big M has launched a new off-kilter commercial showing off Google Apps’ biggest weaknesses.

The video, titled “Googlighting,” portrays the Google Apps productivity suite in human form as “Googen Apperson,” a slimy salesman who shows up an hour late to his appointment. Apperson has 12 years of advertising experience and is meeting with an executive to sell her company Google productivity software. The executive asks a lot of tough questions, and Apperson squirms in his chair, unable to answer most of them.

Without mentioning it by name, the video is trying to attract businesses to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity software. Office 365 brings Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange, and SharePoint to the cloud and aims to make collaboration for teams easy. Outside of having more familiarity with businesses, Microsoft is hoping to position its software as better for your company’s privacy in light of Google’s recent controversial privacy changes.

Personally, I didn’t find the ad that funny, but it does make a lot of fair points. While Google Apps is cheaper that Office 365, it still has quite a few limitations. Chief among them is that Microsoft Excel is miles ahead when it comes to spreadsheet creation and management. Excel might be boring on its face, but it is one of the most important applications used in business today. In my hands on with Office 365, I made the case that Excel in the cloud could be the number one reason businesses choose Office 365 over Google Apps.

You can watch the full ad here and leave your comments below: