Gaming in Public hosted Crankshaft Games last night for a live demo event of their new game Party of Sin due out on Steam.  We do not have a firm release date from them, but will pass on anything I find out!  It was such a great time and we are so thankful to everyone who came.  They got a lot of great feedback on their game.  Below are some videos from the event and of the game.  The second video is unfortunately out of focus due to an error with the auto-focus, but it's still a decent video.  We now know what the problem was so future videos will be perfect!  Check them out!


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Enjoy the videos!


I apologize, but I cannot get the video to embed properly, so I will link them.  Warning… there is some colorful language in teh videos by those playing the games.


Narwhal Battle

Narwhal Battle continued