Wait, what? There’s a Plants vs Zombies tournament?

The answer is apparently yes, as revealed by Feelgood Games. The tournaments will include PopCap casual hit games, like the aforementioned PvZ, along with Bookworm and Zuma’s Revenge.

Of course, we wanted to know how this all worked, so we reached out to Graham Sidwell, Game Producer at FeelGood games to find out.

According to Graham, the custom-made PvZ tournament edition is based upon the Wall-nut Bowling mini game from the full game. The tournament rounds take around three to five minutes to complete, so folks not familiar with the full game can get up to speed quickly. Players need to last through two waves of approaching zombies and earn points for knocking over zombies with their Wall-Nut, bowling-style. The farther from the house the zombie is when hit, the higher the score.

Zuma’s Revenge and Bejeweled 2, with their more straightforward scoring, are already available to play in tournaments. Plants vs. Zombies will go live next Thursday. Mini-tournaments can be created by site members, and have entry fees from £0.25 to £2.50. The prize pot seems to consist of all the entry fees, with the top five scorers able to receive a portion of the winnings. There are also Jackpot tournaments, created by the site itself, which last for a longer period of time and have a larger winning amount.

Feelgood games, based in the United Kingdom, is a community of women gamers. The company’s research showed that its target demographic, women in the UK aged 25 – 44, wanted a game-centric website with actual community where they felt like they belonged.

The current site contains quite a few casual games to play for free, and all registered users can win rewards, currently coupons for household goods, magazine subscription offers and the like, which they can then use or send to other friends on the site.

Feelgood games comes from the same team of folks that put together a gaming site targeted at young UK men, Mousebreaker, showing an experience with the type of social gaming site they’ve put together.