Every time I watch hit web series EpicMealTime, I’m amazed at the sheer insanity that goes into the high-calorie meals that are made. Strips of bacon are typically used more than staple cooking ingredients like salt and pepper, and the meal usually exceeds  a week’s worth of the USDA’s daily nutritional recommendations.

The YouTube (and Revision3) cooking show, hosted weekly by Harley Morenstein and a group of friends, consists of making epic meals that usually involve copious amounts of fatty and delicious meats. For example, the show once made a dish called the TurBaconEpic — a quail inside a cornish hen, inside a chicken, inside a duck, inside a turkey… inside a pig. It was covered in bacon, painted with a Dr. Pepper glaze, and garnished with Wendy’s Baconator burgers.

But just when you think this concept couldn’t get more insane, they announce a Japanese version of the show on YouTube. (I know, my mind is blown, too.) NextTime Productions is teaming up with 100-year-old Japanese production company Yoshimoto Kogyo for EpicMealTime Japan, which is due out later this year.

“The Japanese appetite for all things culinary fits in perfectly with what EpicMealTime is doing,” said Nerdist CEO Peter Levin, who represented Yoshimoto Kogyo in the deal. The Japanese version will essentially fit around the same concept of making “epic meals” while traveling throughout the country. Yoshimoto Kogyo has also signed on to produce additional original programing for NextTime Productions in the Japanese and international markets.

For Yoshimoto Kogyo, this isn’t the first time it’s partnered with American companies to do original web content. The company is the producer of the Japanese version of Saturday Night Live and a shareholder in Nerdist Industries, which recently launched a premium YouTube channel. Additionally, Yoshimoto Kogyo is helping to produce the recently announced Course of the Force, a 120-mile relay run where a chain of joggers will carry a lightsaber like an Olympic torch to their final destination.