I am currently a video game design student and quite the avid gamer in my opinion, and while I have never put out a major title, which I’m sure is frustrating, I feel that anytime game updates are pulling me from my gaming experience.

I have read a few good articles recently here on Bitmob, however they address more of the multiplayer issues. Well I’m here as a voice for the little guy, those of us who also enjoy rolling solo through the story modes or arcade games. I myself have quite a busy schedule between fulltime work and school so a lot of my gaming comes in small power sessions. I fire up my system with a solid plan of action and a limited time frame and first thing I’m slapped with before I can cast a protection spell is the all too often “required update” attack. Some are fast and others rather slow, but they both share the power to kill my immersion factor quite quickly.

I think we all know the infamous push back of an exciting game release date, especially games we’ve had the honor of doing a public beta for and yes we get enraged but in our gamer hearts we know it’s for a good cause. This explains why we all go out and buy the game regardless of what day it comes out. I actually believe that studios guess the amount of time they would actually need to finish their game;  instead they are too worried about releasing right before each other or just in time for Santa to clear the shelves. Personally I’d rather be patient for a few extra months right out of the gate, then pick up a game and have to wait every other time I decide to play it for some update that probably wouldn’t have affected my game anyways. We wait through enough things in life, such as red lights, long lines, and a week with too many days wondering what the hell is going to happen next on the Walking Dead.

The bottom line I am trying to get to is that when I fire up a game it is supposed to be an escape from dulls of everyday life, and it should have a delivery of a quick escape. Instead we get pumped up and all of the sudden a required update not only kills the excitement but also takes from my already short gaming time. Game studios everywhere please stop trying to make a quick dime off of us, you know us gamers are here to support you and we would rather give you a worthy and righteous dime. Even if it does require waiting longer for the next installment, we will forgive you.