A version of this story originally appeared on SGEntrepreneurs and is published here with permission.

Sageby, Squiryl, and Trade Hero are three new startups pitching at DEMO Asia in Singapore this week that are betting you want to make, keep, and invest your money wisely.

Squiryl is an iPhone app that lets you track your customer loyalty points and trade with friends. If you’re the type who has lost several Subway Club Cards, this is what you need to make sure you redeem your points and earn that free $5 foot long.

Above: Squiryl takes the stage.

Just scan the QR code on the receipt to record your points (which Squiryl calls “acorns”).

If you don’t want those points, you can trade them for something you do want, like a Big Mac. Squiryl saves you money and helps put food on the table!

While you’re waiting in line to redeem your Squiryl loyalty points, Singapore-based Sageby wants to help you make money. Its app lets you earn online credits in your free time by taking a simple survey. An adorable video of the founder, George Chen, quickly exchanging his credits for a milkshake proved just how easy it is to redeem credits for meals, cabs, or purchases at the mall.

The final money-maker really shines. Trade Hero is a community of financial traders who invest with virtual funds and tracks the results. You can follow the top-ranked traders to see exactly what stocks they chose and get a good idea of their investment strategy. In an industry shrouded in mystery, Trade Hero provides transparency and personal access to financial superstars.

Whether you’re a small time trader betting on the stock market or a venture capitalist betting on the next Asian start-up to make it big, these three startups will give you something to think about.