Gaikai, the cloud based gaming service, today announced that it will be streaming game demos directly to online customers of European retailer Game.

In what has been an otherwise awful week for the troubled U.K.-based retailer, this news will help bolster Game’s hopes for increased online sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Gaikai has spent three years building what it says is the fastest interactive cloud gaming network in the world. The company already has deals in place with companies such as as, Walmart, and Capcom. These deals allow game demos powered by Gaikai to be played directly on its partners’ websites, with no need for any additional hardware or software. In return, Gaikai is paid for the use of its network.

Gaikai’s cloud gaming service will form a significant part of Game’s strategy to grow revenues from its web and digital business. This is particularly important in light of the trouble being experienced at its brick-and-mortar stores, as more and more consumers look to online shopping solutions.

Offering instant access demos to Game customers is part of a plan to increase customer participation and loyalty. Ian Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer of Game, said: “We are thrilled to offer our consumers the ability to instantly preview game titles right at that critical moment of the purchase decision making and checkout process.”

Speaking of the partnership, Robert Stevenson (pictured), Gaikai’s Executive Vice President, said: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Game across Europe to help them expand their digital presence and engagement with online consumers by streaming Gaikai’s portfolio of high quality content. As gamers continue to increase their digital consumption of the industry’s best games, Game will be well positioned to lead the way.”

Hopefully this enthusiasm isn’t dented by the news that Game will not be stocking the highly-anticipated game Mass Effect 3, a situation which could cost the company an estimated £2m-£2.5m in lost profit this year.