Update 1: The giveaway entry period for the second batch of keys has been extended to Monday at 11am PST. Good luck!

Original story: Heroes of Newerth is celebrating its 100th hero with a ton of promotions, giveaways, and this GamesBeat contest!

If you don’t know what Heroes of Newerth is yet, this probably won’t mean a lot to you. But if you’re already hip to the HoN, these codes unlock free Early Access to Kinesis, the Kinesis hero (for F2P players), Zeta Kinesis (his Alt), and Hero Alt-Zeta Kinesis (the Alt Avatar Symbol).

GamesBeat is giving away 50 Kinesis Early Access codes. How to enter:

  1. Follow @GamesBeat and re-tweet this post.
  2. Come back here and post your Twitter handle in the comments.
  3. 25 winners will be selected on Saturday at 11am PST, and 25 winners on Monday at 11am PST.
  4. Your codes will be sent via DM on Twitter.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can also participate in our huge Diablo III beta code giveaway.

Redemption Process:

  1. Go to www.heroesofnewerth.com/redeem
  2. Before you can redeem a code, you must log in to your account or you can create an account by clicking the link.
  3. Enter your code to receive your content now! Please make sure you are logged in on the account you want this code to be redeemed on.
  4. Kinesis will be automatically added to your account.

100th Hero Promotions:

  1. $100,000+ Gold Coin Giveaway all week long!
  2. Throwback hero pool – gain access to all 24 classic heroes
  3. Double Silver Coin matchmaking event all week long
  4. S2 vs. The Community event Friday, March 2nd
  5. 75% off Gold Coin prices for all non-Early Access heroes
  6. Unlock Weekend – all non-Early Access heroes will be unlocked for your testing pleasure