Last night, visitors to San Francisco’s Exploratorium After Dark were given the opportunity to walk through a game-style art installation full of stories and characters from the San Francisco music scene. “Hiss Pop” took participants through an adults-only adventure-style interactive gaming experience full of air guitar, music, cocktails and actors tasked with engaging invitees. Check out the video below to see more.

“Hiss Pop is a story that unfolds through a variety of interactions with its characters, both electronically and in real-life. Using Thinfilm memory cards, we were able to give each participant a different starting point and then personalize the game based on decisions each player made,” explained Sara Thacher, interactive game designer and a co-creator of the event.

The memory cards, fully printable stickers, in actuality, contain technology that frees developers from needing the kind heavy network infrastructure usually associated with tracking users, according to co-creator Ken Eklund. He added, “The simplicity of storing and updating data on the card makes the technology very appealing for these types of exhibits and events.”

San Francisco’s Exploratorium is a museum of science, art and human perception, known for a hands-on and experimental approach to learning. Hiss Pop was designed by Sara Thacher and Ken Eklund, illustrated by Michael Wertz and implemented by Sean Ross, Naveed Alam, and Scott Minneman of Onomy Labs.

Thin Film Electronics is a publicly listed Norwegian technology company with its head office in Norway, product development in Sweden, and sales offices in San Francisco and Tokyo. Thinfilm provides fully printed non-volatile, rewritable memory for applications in toys and games, logistics, sensor, and ID systems.