Sorry weekend gamers. Sony’s PlayStation Network will be down today starting at noon PT for scheduled maintenance and will last until approximately 2 a.m. PT on Monday, according to a Sony announcement.

“Unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already signed-in to PSN will be signed-out, and consumers will be unable to sign in for the duration of the maintenance window,” Sony wrote on the official PlayStation Blog. “During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online. PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one.”

Sony had originally planned the downtime for last Thursday but postponed it to today for some reason. Frustratingly, Sony did not detail what exactly it was hoping to accomplish during the maintenance period.

In light of the recent PlayStation Vita launch, this downtime does not look good. I certainly would be upset if I wanted to spend the weekend playing matches on a new console and they took it down on a Sunday. Many users on the PlayStation Blog responded unfavorably to choosing daytime weekend hours instead of, say, overnight on a weekday. A few choice selections from the blog:

“That is an awful time period,” wrote user jayrockslife. “Why not start at midnight instead of noon? Less people are online overnight than during the evening.”

“Looks like the Killzone 3 double xp weekend just got a lot shorter,” wrote user LongbowAVRiL.

“You do realize that your customers are actual, you know…people, right?” wrote user Sponge-worthy. “No explanation as to what this maintenance will achieve, how it will benefit the community, nor why this MUST happen during the weekend.”

Let us know in the comments below if you’re agitated with Sony too.

Construction workers on motherboard: Amy Walters/Shutterstock