If you fart in people’s general direction, or sing from the diaphragm a lot, you’ll like this iPad app. It animates the 28-day making of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which comes out on Blu-Ray March 6.

A lot of things can happen in 28 days. An incurable virus can kill almost everyone in the UK, Sandra Bullock can become sober, and a few guys with a production crew can make one of the most memorable comedies in movie history. It was a quick turn around for the 1970’s movie. That in turn inspired¬†Melcher Media to create an app that would unearth the since lost memories of those days.

The cast members contributed their own cheeky quotes to the press release announcing the app.

“How do I get out of this thing so I can check my e-mails?” said John Cleese, referring to the app, in the press release.

The app is separated into two sections, “The Holy Book of Days” and “The Holy Chapters.” The first follows the six main actors in 2012 as they relive each hour of filming. “The Holy Chapters” focuses on interaction with the Blu-Ray disk. It is smart enough to know which scene you’re watching. Based on that scene it will show a chapter from “The Holy Book Of Days” with content specific to what’s happening on the screen.

Each “day” has outtakes, script changes, photos, and a descriptions from favorites such as Graham Chapman and John Cleese. Video segments also show the cast together on scene again, recounting the experience. You can pause and play the movie through the app as well, in case your friend has brought out the Holy Hand Grenade you need to seek shelter.

The iPad app is available on March 6. Check out the gallery for each chapter below: