Verizon Wireless is likely in the process of quietly installing 4G LTE networking equipment in Apple Stores around the country, a move that would help better sell the iPad HD with LTE data speeds.

Both AppleInsider and Cult of Mac have reported that technicians have begun upgrading Verizon equipment that is already present at Apple Stores. The equipment’s purpose is to give customers looking at the iPhone and iPad better carrier service and faster data speeds.

All kinds of rumors have been swirling for iPad HD event scheduled for 10 a.m. PT today in San Francisco. We expect that the iPad HD will feature a super-high-resolution Retina Display, a faster processor, 4G LTE networking, better cameras, and improved software.

The 4G LTE rumor especially lines up when you think about the iPad delivering content fast no matter where you go. As my colleague Devindra Hadawar writes, it makes sense for Apple to finally move beyond 3G with the iPad 3. The iPad is already a “magical” device to consumers, but the addition of an always-on 4G network as fast (and in some cases faster) than their home broadband would make it seem downright miraculous. More so than the 4G smartphones on the market, the iPad 3 could end up being the killer LTE device that AT&T and Verizon have been praying for.

We’ll see today if the rumors for the iPad HD (or iPad 3) hold up. Stay tuned to VentureBeat for posts coming at you live from Apple iPad’s event.

5th Avenue Apple Store in New York: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat