BetaBait, a service focused on connecting startups with beta testers, has launched a slick new redesigned site to complement a new set of a features that will give early adopters more feedback tools.

One of the company’s co-founders is long-time VentureBeat contributor Cody Barbierri. He told us that he started the company because he saw a clear need in the market, with so many startups in Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley, but not enough tools to help get testers lined up. But he admits the first iteration of the site looked plain, so it needed a fresh coat of paint to introduce some new features.

When the service launched in mid-December, it was centered around e-mail lists where BetaBait members could receive a single e-mail every day listing several beta apps. But now the company has moved in new direction and launched an “online discovery” service where users and startups can see all the submitted apps online. There are also individual app pages that include more info, a voting mechanism, and Facebook-based commenting.

“The initial design was based on the simplicity of the email service,” Barbierri said. “Now that we are creating an online discovery platform as well, the design needs to reflect a greater user experience for both startups and early adopters.”

Barbierri said that BetaBait has thus far attracted more than 1,000 startups and more than 5,000 testers. Membership is free for startups and potential beta users. Social networking applications are the most popular type of submission, with business-focused apps coming in second.

The Bridgeport, Conn.-based company is self-funded at present. The company is working on a small scale, but it hopes to attract outside funding in the near future.

You can take a look at the new site design below:


Fish kiss photo: Blaj Gabriel/Shutterstock