SXSW Interactive has evolved in recent years to a maelstrom of sound and fury. This year, a million apps will launch, a million companies will make big announcements, a million hearts will be broken.

So, how best to filter out the noise, leaving only the biggest names, the best products, and the most important news? Stay tuned — once again, VentureBeat has your back.

To help you get the most of out your SXSW news, we’ve lined up a series of brief video interviews with top-shelf companies. From Google and Facebook to Ford and GE, we will have news and futuristic predictions from the biggest names in American technology and industry.

We’ve got the most relevant startups lined up to chat with us too — and yes, some of them will be breaking big news in these interviews. Since SXSW is all about the intersection between tech and entertainment, we’re talking with companies like Rdio, Roku, and Hulu.

On the entertainment and culture side, we’re also going to chat with executives from the Discovery Channel, CNN, the TODAY Show, and Universal Music Group, all of whom have flocked to Austin to demonstrate how they are bringing traditional content channels to a wired audience. We’ve also got a real live guitarist from a band that people have heard of. Holy crap, you guys.

Finally, for the truly tech savvy, we have a lineup of a few fascinating minds on the developer, designer, and security side. We’re talking to IBM’s X-Force, Github, Twilio, and one particular hacker-designer who shall remain nameless.

Between Sunday, March 11, and Thursday, March 15, stay tuned to VentureBeat to get the scoop — all the SXSW news that matters, and nothing else. It’s gonna be all killer, no filler, as the kids say, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Image courtesy of Picsfive, Shutterstock