Coinciding with the South by Southwest festival in Austin, a slew of major companies are finally offering apps for Facebook’s new Timeline.

The new Timeline apps include Foursquare, VEVO, The Onion, Fandango, and others.

The new apps join more than 3,000 Timeline apps that have launched in the past two months, according to Facebook product manager Austin Haugen. Companies like Pinterest, Fab, and others have reported massive growth due to Facebook’s Actions, a way for third-party apps to push their data to your Timeline.

For the most part, the apps seem pretty straightforward: The Foursquare app will let you share your check-ins, badges, and the like on your Timeline, while the Onion app will let you share articles from directly to your Timeline. The music video site VEVO will also let you log into its website with your Facebook credentials to get access to personalized video playlists, see what your friends like, and post videos.

Other new apps include entries from Viddy, Endomondo, and RootMusic. Viddy’s app will let you collect your short videos you create on the service on your Timeline, Endomondo will help you to share your fitness activities, and RootMusic will let you keep track of your favorite artists and mark future concerts.

Honestly, I haven’t spent much time on my Facebook Timeline since enabling the feature months ago, but it’s nice to see these apps focusing on offering something useful to other Facebook addicts. It seems like we’re moving away from the more spammy and throwaway apps to things that will actually enhance your Facebook experience.

Check out a gallery of screenshots from the new apps below.

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