Update: An official spokesperson for Microsoft gave GamesBeat the following statement:

We are aware that some Xbox LIVE members are having problems with their Gamerscores. Affected users should log out and back in to restore their scores. While this should fix the issue, updated Gamerscores may not be reflected on Xbox.com for a couple of hours. We’re working on this and expect it to be fully resolved soon.

Original story: Droves of Xbox Live subscribers have swarmed the official Xbox forums to complain about their accounts being reset. Specifically, Achievements and/or game history are being reset to zero.

So I turn on my X360 today and bam, there’s some connection error bla bla bla, but everything was working fine (Xbox live), except somehow all of my gaming history was reset, my achievements were also reset, and i had 0 gamerscore instead of ~20k. Please help me get it all back, because I have been a user of Xbox and Xbox Live for atleast ~3 years and it feels so bad losing all of my progress…

When loading up a game, an error message may say that your account was last accessed from a different console, even if it wasn’t. Microsoft has stated it is aware of the problem and looking into a solution.

Some users are reporting that logging out of their profiles and logging back in fixes the issue, while others state they had to recover their profile to get things back to normal. Personally, I think I’ll stay offline today altogether. If I somehow lost my 208,103 Gamerscore, heads would roll.

You can see some of the affected accounts below: