Amazon has released a major update to its Kindle iOS app today that will let it take advantage of the new iPad’s Retina Display, fixing an issue some reviewers brought up regarding blurry text on earlier versions of the app.

The Kindle version 3.0 app for iOS also offers a new “cloud view,” which will allow you to easily see all of your Kindle content in the cloud on a single screen. From there, you can download books from the cloud to your device (previously, finding your archived Kindle items was a lot clunkier).

Amazon was wise to update its Kindle app so quickly — the company needs to retain a great reading experience on its apps, otherwise consumers may be tempted to jump over to e-books from iTunes. The new iPad’s ultra-sharp display will make reading text on the tablet practically indistinguishable from reading text on paper (aside from that darn backlight).

You can expect plenty of big iOS apps to see updates over the next few days, thanks to the launch of the new iPad on Friday. I’m personally excited to see Netflix and Hulu make the jump to HD video on the iPad — something that wasn’t possible before because of the low resolution screens of past iPads.