As gadget hounds are tearing into their new iPads, a hacker has revealed that he’s already successfully jailbroken the tablet — though it’s far from a final release.

iOS hacker MuscleNerd posted the above screenshot on Twitter, but added that this is merely the first step towards getting a jailbreak ready for eager hackers to use. By jailbreaking your iOS device, you can run unauthorized apps and install things like widgets, which Apple doesn’t support. MuscleNerd says there’s no ETA on when the final jailbreak will be released.

His work basically opens the floodgates for his group of iOS hackers, the infamous iPhone Dev-Team, to work on a more polished hack. He also posted a screenshot of the Cydia jailbreak app repository running on the new iPad, further proof that his hack was legit.

The hacker and his group were the first to release an iPhone 4S jailbreak, and he also pointed out a legal method way to get Siri on your iPhone 4. Today’s hack shows that no matter how much Apple tries to lock down iOS, hackers will always find a way in.

Via The Verge

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