Dropbox announced Monday morning on Twitter that you can now share your Dropbox folders with friends on Facebook.

The integration isn’t huge, but it’s perhaps a sign of what Dropbox has been working on since acquiring business-collaboration company Cove and adding its former Facebook execs to the Dropbox staff.

To get started with the new Facebook/Dropbox feature, go to the Dropbox Share page and sign in to your Facebook account. Then pick a folder you want to share, but instead of entering an email address or Dropbox username, start typing a friend’s Facebook name and Dropbox will automatically find it.

Shared folders are usually used to collaborate on projects or share relevant files, but as The Next Web points out, Dropbox’s example in its tweet may reveal that the company is hoping to tap into new sharing situations. Instead of posting a funny picture to Facebook, you could add a bunch of friends to a shared folder and then just drag and drop funny picture after funny picture to the same folder for your friends’ amusement.

Several services have done the opposite, trying to capture Facebook photos and put them into Dropbox. You can use IFTTT, a task-creation service, to pull photos and videos into Dropbox every time you add something new to Facebook. Perhaps one day Dropbox will offer a similar service.

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