Samsung Galaxy S II

All of this back and forth about the Galaxy S III’s release date is giving me a headache.

After Samsung denied a potential April launch for its new flagship phone, the company’s China president Kim Young-Ha is now suggesting that April is once again a possibility, as Samsung seeks to be more aggressive about its upcoming rollout.

The exec has been chatting with Chinese press about Samsung’s strategy in the country, which is now focused on acquiring more market share, reports The Verge. According to recent reports, Samsung currently holds a 24.3 percent share of China’s smartphone market, while the iPhone only has 7.5 percent. That could change once Apple finally offers the iPhone on China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier, so Samsung is wise to claim more consumers while it can.

I wouldn’t take the exec’s words as fact, but this is the closest we’ve gotten to an official word about the Galaxy S III’s launch so far. It makes sense for Samsung to launch as quickly as possible, otherwise it’ll have to contend with the hype machine for Apple’s next iPhone.

Most recently, we’ve heard that the Galaxy S III could sport a huge 4.8-inch screen (bigger than Google’s flagship Galaxy Nexus) as well as a ceramic case. The phone could be as thin a 7 millimeters, and is expected to feature updated cameras as well. By this point, it’s a given that it’ll sport Android 4.0 and LTE connectivity.