Because a shaky hand or bad lighting shouldn’t get between you and a viral masterpiece, YouTube is swooping in to the rescue with a new video editing option that will auto correct-away your beginner mistakes.

Beginning Wednesday, the Google-owned video property will automatically detect when a video uploaded to the site is shaky or dark and then prompt you to make a one-click video update that will wipe out the issues in question.

The problem-detection tool, which reminds us of the instant image-correcting options in today’s hottest photo apps, could go a long way in eradicating poor quality videos from the YouTube experience, thus making it an essential upgrade as the service propagates from web and mobile to television screens.

You can also expect the magical tool to eventually auto-fix video issues beyond shakiness and darkness, YouTube software engineer John Gregg said in a statement on the feature.

The new video editing option will be introduced to YouTube members on a rolling basis during the next few days.