Mobile games rule in the home these days, and the most popular place to play them is in bed.

MocoSpace surveyed 15,000 of its mobile social game users and found that 96 percent of them play mobile games at least once a day at home. About half, or 53 percent, choose to play in bed. If mobile games come between you and your loved one, well, you’re not alone.

The survey shows that mobile games aren’t just a distraction; they’re becoming a mainstay form of entertainment and a cultural fixture.

About 83 percent of respondents said they play waiting for an appointment. About 72 percent play while commuting by train, bus, or car. (The latter probably don’t drive so well). About 64 percent play at work. 46 percent play in class and 25 percent at the gym.

Of those who play in the home, 41 percent play in the living room, 5 percent in the bathroom, and 1 percent at the dinner table. About 52 percent play for more than an hour per day, and 32 percent play for more than three hours a day. About 10 percent of respondents said they play mobile games for more than three hours a day at work.

About 62 percent said they play social games; 53 percent play action; 40 percent play puzzle, and 28 percent play casino games.

“This report should make every console gaming company nervous,” said MocoSpace co-founder and chief executive Justin Siegel. “Mobile gaming is not a companion to consoles; it’s attacking them on their home turf: the couch, the La-Z-Boy, and even the bedroom.”

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