Talk of dividends has been in the air ever since Apple announced it would give its shareholders the bonus. But which technology stocks will give you the biggest yield?

Companies across Silicon Valley offer incentives for shareholders in the form of dividends. HP upped its dividend 10 percent today to 22 cents a share. But not every dividend is made equal. This week Apple announced it would give out a $2.65 per share quarterly dividend to its shareholders, the first time it has offered one since 1995.

While this was a big move for Apple, some people were underwhelmed with the amount. The company has been sitting on nearly $100 billion in cash, and with the stock reaching almost $600 a share, owners will only see a .36 percent yield on their investment over five years. The company does, however, say it will also spend the money to buy back some of its stock from the open market.

We took a look at the average yield of a dividend for a number of U.S. companies over a five year period of time. Check out which techies will give you the best returns based on dividend alone:

Statista dividends chart

Infographic via Statista; Top image via Shutterstock