Mass Effect 3 endings, romances, deaths

Spoilerville: Mass Effect 3

Now that Mass Effect 3 has been out for nearly a month, GamesBeat thought you might be interested to see what would have happened if Commander Shepard went right instead of left, zigged instead of zagged.

Below you’ll find all three possible endings, as well as some extras discussing the endings and a popular theory among fans as to what really happened. It’s admittedly pretty interesting, even if it ends up not being true.

Destroy Ending 

This video includes the 15 minutes or so that lead up to the final ending decision, which will give the rest of the endings context as well.

Control Ending

Synthesis Ending

10 reasons why fans hated the ending

This video is a collection of all the different fan complaints and plot holes that have been discussed for the past three weeks. If you thought the endings were “fine” (which would put you in the minority) and that BioWare delivered on everything they said they would, watch this.

All endings compared simultaneously

A short video comparing all the “different” endings together. Spoiler: The explosions are different colors.

Indoctrination theory explained 

This video is presented somewhat poorly (sloppy writing), but it makes some very interesting points, many of which even longtime fans of the franchise probably didn’t even pick up on. I guess we’ll find out who’s right when the DLC that was planned all along comes out.

For more Mass Effect 3 Spoilerville, you can view all of the different main character death scenes here, or check out the various different romance scenes for male and female Shepards here.