Streaming music service MOG has just released a brand-new app for the iPad, a curious move for a company rumored to be in talks to sell itself to Taiwanese device manufacturer HTC.

Although MOG serves up a great streaming music product relative to its peers, it hasn’t attracted as much buzz as Spotify or as many paying customers as long-time player Rhapsody. It’s this position as a smaller player fighting a tough fight that has likely pushed the company to pursue the option of being acquired by HTC-owned Beats Audio. HTC was rumored to be launching its own streaming service, but MOG, with its deals already in place, might be an easier fit.

The new MOG iPad app takes stylistic cues from the service’s website and iPhone application. Features include the option to listen to music in a higher audio quality than its peers at 320 kbps, unlimited downloads of songs for offline play, music recommendations, personalized radio stations based on artists you like, high-resolution album art, Airplay support, and more.

To get access to the service on the iPad, you must pay for a $10-per-month subscription. Additionally, MOG offers a free ad-supported version of the service on the web, an ad-free $4.99 per month web-only subscription, and an ad-free option for web and mobile access at $10 per month.

Check out more screenshots from MOG’s iPad app below: