This morning, we woke up to a strange, almost spam-like email.


A Mysterious Monday Morning Email Arrives … And Is It Ticking? It May Be Ticking.


Good morning!

I found something over the weekend. It’s certainly mysterious, wouldn’t you say? It looks like an [intellectual property] of some kind is returning from a long time away, though it may just be a simple black or white issue. I’m sure there’ll be lots of zany action to follow.

Definitely something to ponder.

Attached is the image you see above.

It looks like WB Games will be bringing out a remake of First Star Software’s Spy vs. Spy, which debuted in 1984 on a variety of computer systems (including the Commodore 64) and was later ported to several other platforms (like the Nintendo Entertainment System). Many sequels have come out, even as recently as 2005 on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PCs. But none have ever captured cult-hit status like the first one did.

The original game saw Mad Magazine’s comic-strip stars (Black Spy and White Spy) facing off in a six-room mansion. Each wanted to find the hidden items that would allow him to leave the building (and win the game), but they could set zany traps to roadblock the other.

Obviously, we don’t know much about this remake yet, but we’ve got some inquiries in and will update this post with any new details.

Update: No new details. The publisher’s staying mum on the subject at the moment.

Spy vs. Spy 1984 original

Above: The original Spy vs. Spy from 1984. Image courtesy of The Smithsonian American Art Museum.