AT&T has just announced the launch of AT&T Plus, a new loyalty program for AT&T customers.

So far, the program is just in a trial phase, and participants are limited to a select few in a diverse range of geographies around the United States, including Minneapolis and Houston. The company says it plans to test the Plus program with these consumers and gauge their interest in benefits and rewards.

“Based on what our customers tell us, it may be something we look to roll out more widely in the future,” an AT&T spokesperson said in a statement to The Verge. “It’s an example of our ongoing efforts to deliver a great experience for our customers.”

The Plus program, which is free for its trial participants, so far offers a rather snoozy set of benefits, which may include but are not necessarily limited to the following: a members-only phone number for customer service, no upgrade fees, no activation fees for second phone lines, a 25-percent discount for non-Apple phone accessories, and a $10 Starbucks gift card.

We’ll see what benefits (and/or fees) AT&T decides to tack on if and when the company deems AT&T Plus ready for public consumption. In the meantime, VentureBeat writers will probably be snarking privately about the irony of offering a loyalty benefits program while still seemingly shafting the majority of your customers with fun tricks like limited “unlimited” data plans and the flaunting of net non-neutrality for big-name corporate customers.

Image courtesy of olly, Shutterstock