harry-potter-ebooks-deviantartThe intensely popular Harry Potter novels are now available for sale as e-books for the first time through J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore website.

Pottermore was announced last June as a site where Potter fans can interact with each other and as an online place to purchase the books in e-book format. It took a while for that to become a reality, but now the series can be purchased in all formats, including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google Play, Sony Reader, and ePub format. Apple’s iBooks is weirdly not a part of this, but those who want to read on an iPad or iPhone can use the general ePub format.

Once you create an account on Pottermore, you can purchase the e-books one at a time or as a collection. The first three books run $7.99 a pop while the last four cost $9.99 each. Buying them all together costs $57.54. Once you purchase an e-book, you’ll be allowed to download it up to eight times in any format.

The e-books do not feature anything new, but the Wall Street Journal says “enhanced editions” with extra videos and audio content might eventually follow.

Pottermore also lets fans purchase digital audio books, though they are not the most economical option. Those cost much more the books themselves, with the first three novels running $29.99 a piece and the last four running $44.99 per audio book. Purchasing them in one collection costs $242.94.

Take a look at the e-book offerings:


Harry Potter animated image: HitoFanart/Deviantart