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Vator is introducing Vator Spark, a series of master classes on innovative and disruptive topics relevant to succeeding as a technology entrepreneur. Vator Spark is a full-day, high-energy and accelerated class designed to give entrepreneurs the right knowledge platform, best practices and tools to succeed. Vator is thrilled to introduce the first topic in the series: Get Game: How to gamify your start-up.

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Technology start-ups are tapping into the science of behavior to understand how they can leverage human motivation to engage customers to perform desired actions. The location-based service Foursquare introduced badges, mayorships and leaderboards into the public conscience to reward proactive location check-ins. They turned the otherwise time-consuming task of creating geo-content into a game-like user experience.

The science behind applying these kinds of engagement techniques is called Gamification, which has ushered in a new type of start-up – applying gaming mechanics to drive playful behavior that leads to predictable desired outcomes.

Vator Spark has for the first time gathered the thought-leaders and investors behind these start-ups for a full-day learning event to explore how to incorporate the best practices around product design, marketing, fundraising and more.

The first full-day Vator Spark event is scheduled for May 1, 2012 in Berkeley. Get your 15% discount on tickets by using the promo code “VB15” here.