Don't get me wrong i love MMORPG's like the next poor soul, but for the love of me i cant find the time to do anything worth doing. I currently work an average of 70 hours a week, and i get home at sometime around 8pm. All i want to do is collapse on my computer and see what the guild has to offer today in the way of flashpoints or raids. Low and behold the very guy i was helping level yesterday has surpassed me by 10 levels or so.

"Hey, need help with some quests?! lol!!!!" came the little whisper in the chat box

In the interest of keeping this post as family friendly as possible, i won't tell you my reply. Now it wouldn't be such a bad thing if it was the first time but this a constant reoccurrence for me.

I have played Star Wars: The Old Republic from day one of official release, got my founders title to prove it. All i have to show for it after all of race and class changes to find my favourite, (i like to get to level 10 with each one to see) is a level 21 Jedi sage healer to show for it. Now this game came out just before Christmas meaning  i have had a good 3 months or so to play this game. With the mix of work life, home life and game life to contending against each other, i have fallen behind on the leveling front dramatically.

I have to plan ahead for when i have time off to do some warzones, or a flashpoint and its annoying to no end. The fact i pay monthly for it as well doesn't really help. Like i said though i do love SWTOR but its just bringing me down and kind of ruining the game for me. I was always told in school that i would miss it when i left. Like any other 16 year old i was laughing at the prospect of school, but now, i miss the lack of worry about everything. Whether its money, work, or he time in which i got home. Its funny how you think after only 6 years of leaving ( i now officially feel old).

I will carry on playing and will always be a devoted fan of the whole MMORPG thing but its just shredding me to pieces in the way of progress on whatever title i play on.

Until I land my dream job of sitting down and doing nothing all day long, I will just have to grin a bare all the 14 year olds who have all the time in the world to level to 50.